Richard L Swanson, Ph.D.

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With over 39 years of experience, Richard L. Swanson, Ph.D. brings a unique ability to help parents, educators and the legal community with serious issues revolving around the education of children...

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  • Providing expert witness testimony
    As a research trained Ph.D., Dr. Swanson brings a combination of professional expertise and years of practical experience to the courtroom. Learn how to get his experience on your side. 
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  • Anti-Bullying Workshop for Educators

    Prevent bullying and harassment from stalling school improvement, avoid costly lawsuits and promote school safety and equity.

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We would like to thank you (Dr. Swanson) for the extensive help you have given us in organizing a workshop on curriculum development…

Adele Goldberg, Learning Research Group. Xerox PARC

Dr. Swanson is considered a master at working with divided school boards, demanding communities and aggressive employee associations.

Christine Lizardi Frazier, Kern County Superintendent of Schools

[Dr. Swanson] is a rigorous thinker and always takes an empirical approach. He knows how to design experiments and how to analyze data.

Elliot Turiel, Professor, Cognition and Development UC Berkeley

[Dr. Swanson] combines academic dedication with personal qualities of warmth, humanness and tact. He has vision, is innovative and has a marvelous sense of humor.

Evelyn Bachelor, Superintendent (retired) Reef-Sunset USD

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