Richard L Swanson, Ph.D.

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About Dr. Swanson

In his 12 years as a school superintendent, Dr. Swanson has been a driving force in successful negotiations, mediations and several high-profile litigations of key educational issues. These include sexual harassment; student complaints, teacher grievances as well as discipline, dismissal and release. He has dedicated his educational career to turning around troubled school districts and managing problematic situations, compliant programs and effective anti-bullying practices.

He has worked directly with the Office of Civil Rights, the Department of Justice, the California Department of Education’s Fiscal office, the California State Controller and the California State Attorney General’s Offices. He speaks with articulate, persuasive and knowledgeable authority based solidly on his academic training and 39 years of practical experience. His credibility as an expert witness rests on 9 years as a teacher and instructional consultant, 12 years in the private sector as a manager/planner and financial executive and 18 years in school leadership a principal and superintendent.

Dr. Swanson earned his Ph.D. in Social/Developmental Psychology from the School of Education at UC Berkeley. He has expertise in:

  • School Reform
  • School Fraud Prevention and Prosecution
  • School Safety
  • Title IX Compliance
  • Teacher Discipline, Dismissal, Release
  • Special Education Compliance
  • School Improvement
  • NCLB and Achievement Gap Issues

He has written over 16 teachers’ guides, one book on finance and numerous published articles on educational topics..