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Anti-Harassment & Title IX Legislation

Nothing can stop school improvement efforts more effectively than an Office of Civil Rights Finding of Sexual Harassment at your school or district.  The new expanded definition of harassment makes it all the more likely.  Bullying is sexual harassment when it occurs regularly and it is sexually oriented.  It then can become a Civil Rights issue and this can have heavy consequences for your school and district.  It requires more than ordinary discipline measures. 

The recently passed Seth’s Law, in California, and recent Dear Colleague Letters from the Office of Civil Rights have expanded the definition of sexual harassment and how a district should respond to it.  Dr. Richard Swanson is the administrator who, with the guidance of the Office of Civil Rights and the United States Department of Justice, helped the school district most closely associated with these new rules, Tehachapi Unified, to respond to the issues identified and re-write the Board policies to incorporate the new Department Of Justice and Office of Civil Rights requirements and now provide a national model for responding to this type of harassment.  Dr. Swanson gives a first-hand, hands-on, view of sexual harassment in today’s schools, how to respond to it, and what to do to prevent it and the federal investigations and multi-million dollar lawsuits law suits that result.  You will walk away with a full picture of the new regulations and procedures, methods to reduce harassment, model policies and procedures to prevent OCR violations and the new requirements to responding to harassment when it does occur.   In as much as the lawsuits that have resulted have not only named the district but have also named individual teachers, site and district administrators, it behooves every school employee to know how to prevent and respond to this new reality.  

Dr. Swanson is a former School Administrator, Principal and Superintendent with over 24 years of experience in education and a Ph.D. in Social/Developmental Psychology from the School of Education at UC Berkeley.  He has effectively led several districts through crisis recovery, including: major fires, suicide, sexual harassment and fiscal fraud. Upcoming Workshops >