Richard L Swanson, Ph.D.

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Working with Parents - the ultimate educators

Dr. Swanson has spent almost 25 years as an educator working with students and parents. Trained as a Social/Developmental Psychologist at the University of California Berkeley’s School of Education, he received his Ph.D. in 1977 and stayed current in the literature while working professionally as an educator. Dr. Swanson also holds a masters degree in Educational Psychology, a Community College Counselor’s Credential and California Credentials in both teaching and administration. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on, “Values and the Moral Development Process.” He has worked with both some of the brightest and some of the most difficult students, having worked with continuation high school students, gifted students and special education students at all grade levels. Dr. Swanson many years of both academic training and direct hands-on professional involvement has given him invaluable experience that he willingly shares with parents and children who work with him and attend his workshop and lectures. Read his article on the Ethical Motivation Download here >